Kitchen Kit or Factory Assembled

Nowadays, assembling a kitchen is not an easy task. Indeed, this difficulty is already born at the level of the choice of the type of kitchen. You are probably wondering whether you need a ready-made kitchen in kit form or an elaborate kitchen customized according to your preferences. Fortunately, this article will give you the basics of both options.

What is the difference ?

Indeed, the kitchen often has the flaw of not fitting properly in all rooms. Therefore, before you consider getting one, make sure you take the size of your space. Then, look at the kits that best fit the space you have.

However, a lot of progress is being made in this field so that the kits have more standard shapes than before. So even if they don't fit perfectly in your kitchen, they still fit as close as possible to the dimensions of your room.

However, when it comes to custom kitchens, needless to say, you have the final say, as you are the one who orders the various pieces of furniture that will be installed in your kitchen. Thus, this solution is often the most suitable. However, ordering custom-made pieces can be more expensive than ordering a kitchen kit.

Kit or custom-made models: how much time is needed for the installation ?

Kit kitchens are usually available immediately. In fact, 99% of kitchen kits can be imported right away. The remaining 1% are made up of some custom plans, and therefore in order, built-in sinks, and some finishes. Other than that, it's all set up and available for installation.

In addition, for custom kitchens, the manufacturing time is 4 to 5 weeks. In addition to this long waiting time, there are also delays in managing paperwork and processing orders. Thus, it is easy to reach two months of minimum delay, even more for the high-end kitchen manufacturers who require a high manufacturing time.

Kit kitchens are easy to assemble and less expensive, but may not fit the dimensions of your room. However, custom kitchens are more expensive, but are tailored to you.