Some Tricks to Choosing Your Kitchen

Choosing a kitchen that suits you is not an easy thing. Obviously, there are many parameters to take into account and you may get lost in the middle of all these points to consider. Fortunately, this article will give you some tips that you can apply. Follow the guide and you won't be disappointed.

The Importance of the Activity Triangle

As you probably know, in the kitchen, we work with heat and coolness. This is the foundation for the creation of a kitchen. Indeed, in this triangle of activity we find

  • the heat (plate and oven);
  • cold (refrigerator, freezer);
  • water (sink, dishwasher).

Since we spend a lot of time navigating between these three functions, the distance between all these workstations should be as equal as possible and, above all, as short as possible to limit travel. Ideally, the dishwasher should be located close to the sink (this is also easier for water and drain connections). However, it is better to avoid placing the oven too close to the fridge.

To avoid damage to these appliances, it would be best to install the oven under the hob. Note that it is essential to let the air circulate under the hob, which means that a drawer has to be closed, so it is the ideal place not to lose space otherwise. Finally, the installation of a central island should not impede traffic.

Avoid clutter

Indeed, when a piece of furniture, low or high, must be placed at an angle against a wall, be careful not to stick the piece of furniture against it in order to have enough space to open the door. However, for an item that needs to be placed close to the floor, it is better to opt for a cabinet with drawers, which is easier to open. Similarly, if you place your sink under a window, be careful which model of faucet you choose so that it does not interfere with the opening of the window.

When choosing your kitchen, pay attention to the triangle of activity so that the faucet, the hot plate and the refrigerator are as close as possible without hindering your movements.